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BUCK FARNSWORTH: A history of the man.

BUCK FARNSWORTH was a Montana deputy during the early 1900’s. With his skills as a leather crafter, he developed many types of holster still seen in use today. His style was “RUGGED WITH NO FRILLS”, aimed at the working cowboy.

Having worked as a cowboy on a large ranch in Montana from an early age. He had started to spend some time with a local Saddle maker who it would seem taut the young Buck Farnsworth the craft of Saddle making and general Leather craft. Over time he had become very good and started to produce leather holsters for his own use.

Working on the ranch he would have also made belts and holsters for his work mates. It was about this time that he had applied for and secured the job of a Montana deputy. Still making western holsters for friends in the ranching world he now had a new captive clientele in the world of the lawman.

At this time leather work was still an expensive item to purchase. It was inevitable that he would need to rethink the way he would have to spread his time between Law keeping and making belts and holsters.

He had by now become relatively well known for his work with Leather. We know that somewhere between 1909 and 1915 he had set up shop locally working both as a part time holster maker and Lawman.

It’s not known how long he continued to serve as a deputy in Montana but he had continued to make and sell gun holsters for some time after. Buck Farnsworth was responsible for the design of some of the old time holsters we all know and love to this day.

He had gained a reputation for making a good product for a fair price by keeping to the RUGGED WITH NO FRILLS approach to his work. A true Craftsman with the skill to develop and design holsters for the working man of the day.

Robert Taylor  

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